Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Life is a JIHAD

I had this thought. In fact, I had it very frequent. WHAT DO WE LIVE FOR? World today seems to be very much upsetting. WHY? People nowdays are chasing for something they are not sure of, something for an uncertain satisfaction. 

What is your purpose in life? What is the rational behind our life? Why do we live in this life? These questions intrigue people who try to find accurate answers. Answers to those questions ; ISLAM and the AIM of LIFE. People provide different answers to these questions. Some say life is about gaining wealth. Well, if that is so, then life would be purposeless after one has collected colossal amount of money. 

If life is about gaining wealth, there will be no purpose after becoming wealth. So, that is the problem lies for the misbelievers at some stage of their life, when gaining as much as money is their target. When they have collected an amount of dreamt money, their life loses its purpose. This is what scares the shit of out them. They have nothing else to chase, when what is chased is caught. 

For us, muslims, our ultimate aim is nothing but worshipping ALLAH. Oh, okay. You are relating to today's modern world, right? You may think it'd be such a crap to be someone who focuses too much on religious stuff. Think so? LAME. You need to know Islam is applicable everywhere, everytime. If that thought ever bothers you, then the inner belief of yours is still not solid. On the contrary, faith in ALLAH gives the believer the purpose of life that he needs. 

In Islam, the purpose of life is to worship ALLAH. The term "Worship" covers all acts of obedience to ALLAH. The Islamic purpose of life is a standing purpose. The true Muslim sticks to this purpose throughout all stages of his life, whether he is a child, adolescent, adult or an old man.

I had much thoughts to share with you, dear reader(s). But I am afraid they might annoy you, so I choose some that may relate us. I am not good, I admit to speak too much about this, but atleast this is my way of doing jihad. Spread some goodness, because I committed mistakes alot that I , myself can't count. I pray everyday that I will not slip and make mistakes anymore, but it ain't possible.